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How to do more in 2024

Where to start if you want to be more active

You’ve probably heard the term ‘new year, new you’, but what if you don’t even know where to start with making changes?

One of the most common commitments at the start of a new year is to get fit, so if you want to be more active this year, getting off to a good start can put you on the right path.

If you’re not very active, it’s worth thinking about a few important things first.

How much is enough?

Getting more active will be different for everyone, but any movement is better than none. To help get you started, you should:

  • be realistic about what you want to achieve
  • set a goal and monitor your progress – goals help us prioritise what matters and stay on track
  • start slowly
  • steadily increase your time and/or intensity, adding a few minutes or building from light to moderate effort.

Exercise can and should be enjoyable, and every little bit counts, so:

  • break your activity up into smaller blocks of time throughout your day
  • find activities that you enjoy and are more likely to sustain
  • remember that all opportunities for physical movement count, and any extra activity you can fit into your day is a bonus.

Start with our three-minute, three-week activity plan

This plan is all about doing your best on any given day. You can adjust it for how you’re feeling and progress at your own pace.

Each week has four exercises that will take just three minutes to complete in total, and you should aim to complete each set of exercises two to three times each week for three weeks. The exercises get harder in Week 2 and 3 so if you feel this is not right for you, stay with the Week 1 exercise.

Download our simple Three Minute, Three Week activity plan for an easy way to get off the mark. Start small and set yourself up to be more active in 2024.

Download now

Last updated: January 10, 2024 at: 9:30 am