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Info for providers

Registered Get Active Kids Voucher Program Activity Providers can redeem vouchers from members.

Voucher redemptions are currently closed

Important dates

  • Vouchers expiry date: Tuesday, 30 April 2024
  • Portal open for Activity Providers to redeem vouchers: Tuesday 10 October 2023 to Tuesday 21 May 2024

If you want to become an Activity Provider, email [email protected] to be considered for future rounds.


How do I redeem my club’s vouchers?
  • The parent/guardian of an eligible child will give you the approved voucher code when registering at your club or organisation.
  • You will reduce the child’s membership or registration fees by up to $200.
  • Log into the Activity Provider Portal to validate and redeem the voucher by entering the code and name of the participant
  • You will be reimbursed by the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions within 30 days of the voucher being approved
  • You must redeem the voucher within specified timeframes to receive payment.
How do I register to become a provider?

Registrations are now closed as you won’t be set up in time for the next round.

When the portal is open again, you will need to have the following information to register:

  • Organisation details including organisation name, address and contact details
  • Type of organisation and Incorporation Number
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Your name and role within the organisation
  • Your email address and contact phone number
  • A copy of certificate of currency of your organisation’s public liability insurance.
  • Organisation bank account details.

Please note, if you are not a Victorian incorporated entity registered with the appropriate regulator, an application can be submitted by an auspice organisation.

Am I eligible to be a Get Active Kids Voucher Program activity provider?

To be eligible, an activity provider must meet the following criteria:

  • Agree to the Get Active Kids Voucher Program Guidelines
  • Be an incorporated entity registered with the appropriate regulator
  • Hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Be affiliated to a Sport and Recreation Victoria recognised Victorian State Sporting Association (SSA) or Victorian State Sport and Active Recreation Body (SSARB)
  • Be on the approved list of activities outlined in the guidelines.

*The list of recognised Victorian sport and recreation organisations can be found on the Sport and Recreation Victoria website.

Local Government Authorities, facilities managed by the State Sport Centres Trust and facilities managed by Alpine Resorts Victoria are also eligible to register to participate in the Program.

My club/organisation is located outside of Victoria are we eligible?

Your club may be eligible if you are:

  • affiliated to a recognised State Sporting Association (SSA) or equivalent governing body in Victoria or your home state.
  • an incorporated entity registered with the appropriate regulator; and
  • possess an active Australian Business Number (ABN); and are

Please email [email protected] for further information.

Why can’t I find my State Sporting Association (SSA) on the list?

Some SSAs have been removed from the list as they are taking on state-wide responsibility for the redemption of vouchers. Clubs affiliated with the following organisations do not need to register individually as an activity provider:

  • AFL Auskick centres
  • Athletics Victoria
  • Auscycling
  • Basketball Victoria
  • Cricket Victoria
  • Girl Guides Victoria
  • Golf Australia
  • Motorcycling Victoria
  • Scouts Victoria

Please contact your SSA for more information.

What if my club or organisation is not incorporated?

An application can be submitted by an auspice organisation (e.g. a state association or league).

The auspice organisation must:

  • Meet all eligibility and conditions of registration on behalf of the registered provider undertaking the services
  • Submit the application and agree to the terms and conditions.

Contact the team at [email protected] to discuss auspice arrangements.

Can we increase our fees to maximise our reimbursement?

The Program is designed to reduce the cost barriers for children to participate in sport and active recreation. It is a responsibility of registration that no differential pricing in membership exists between children approved for Get Active Kids Vouchers and other participants.

Can I include uniform or equipment costs?

Yes. You can include uniform or equipment costs (such as mouthguards or other safety equipment) as long as:

  • It is a necessary item in order for the participant to take part in the activity
  • The cost of the item/s is included in the same transaction as the registration.
What expenses can be claimed on a voucher?

Vouchers can only be used to cover the cost of membership and registration.

Uniform and equipment items that are incorporated within the membership and registration fees can be claimed (for example, safety equipment, mouthguards).

How do I let my members know about the program?

We have a range of promotional material for you to share with your members.

Program Guidelines

Read the Program Guidelines for full eligibility criteria and conditions of registration.

Download Activity Provider Guidelines (PDF)
Download Activity Provider Guidelines (Word)

To receive this publication in an accessible format, email [email protected].

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