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Now’s the time. Up your motivation by creating or joining a team.

When you open a Get Active Victoria account, you can create or join a team with anyone you like.

Teams overview

Compare results

See each other’s activity:

  • Compare your daily average to your team.
  • Find out who has done the most activity from the team leaderboard.
  • Follow your team’s activity and keep each other on track towards 30+ minutes each day.
Teams overview

Boost your motivation

For some of us, being part of a team is the best way to increase the motivation to move more – you’re more likely to stay accountable to a goal when it’s shared!

Teams overview

Team up with colleagues, family or friends

Connect with colleagues over something other than work, spend some quality family time getting more active or start a friendly competition. You can set up a team for work, school or with friends or family. Whoever you like.


Find out more about creating a team with our FAQs

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