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Tracking activity helps Jennifer stay motivated

The Get Active Victoria Tracker was just what Jennifer had been searching for

When Jennifer started looking for an app to track the amount of time she exercised and the activities she was doing, she struggled to find an app that didn’t push weight loss and calorie counting or steps and distance.  And she didn’t want to be bombarded by ads or see images of mega fit looking people in their twenties.

She found what she needed in the Get Active Victoria Tracker. The free online Activity Tracker lets you record how many minutes you are active each day and you can set a goal for the number of minutes you want to be active.

“When I found the (Get Active Victoria) tracker, it was just perfect for a simple goal like tracking how much time you move.  It does exactly what I was looking for,” Jennifer said.

For Jennifer, one of the best features about the Tracker is its simplicity and the dashboard that tells her if her average daily activity across the month is above or below her goal. She can also track how many days in a row she meets her goal and her longest streak.

“I find it really motivating. I even sometimes do extra exercise if my daily average is below my goal. I might not have done that if it wasn’t for the tracker.”

Jennifer has been using the Tracker since January and checks her Dashboard every day. Another feature she likes about the Tracker is that it doesn’t push you to keep working harder and harder.

“I have arthritis and have to stay active or I can’t move.  Some days I have a good range of movement and other days I’m restricted and may not be able to exercise or only do limited exercise.  Sometimes, I go for a leisurely ride and other days I just want to go longer and faster.  Both are good. The average time across the month is really important to me.  And it also means that I can show my GP what exercise I’ve been doing.”

The tracker has a wide range of activities that can be recorded, and because it doesn’t focus on weight loss and body shape, Jennifer has recommended the Tracker to an HAES (Health At Every Size) group and to friends.

“The messaging is safe for all – and there’s no mention of weight loss.  Thank you for not mentioning weight loss.  This is unique and incredibly important.  So much of exercise is aimed at weight loss rather than gaining fitness and improving health – or even maintaining fitness and health.”

The Activity Tracker is available to anyone with a Get Active Victoria account and it’s free to join.

Last updated: September 1, 2021 at: 9:30 am