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Swap your way to a more active lifestyle

5 things you can do to be more active, every day

Believe it or not, you don’t need to exercise every day to be ‘active’. You also don’t need expensive equipment or fancy exercise clothes. Another way to be more active is to look for ways to move more throughout your day-to-day. Try these five swaps and see your activity levels stack up!

1. Take public transport instead of the car

Have you noticed how much you need to walk when you take public transport? You might even add a little run if you are late for your train! A 10-minute walk to the bus stop counts towards your daily exercise, provided you aren’t strolling, and adds a little pep to your step.

2. More ‘you’ power

There are many bits of equipment we use to make our lives a little easier, but perhaps you can substitute machine power for a bit of muscle from time to time. Instead of a leaf blower, use a rake or broom to clean away the leaves and get your muscles moving too. A whisk or wooden spoon can give your arm muscles a good workout that you won’t get with an electric mixer.

3. Walk to brunch instead of driving or ordering in

Love to support your local café on a Saturday morning but can never find a park? Fantastic! Walk the 20 minutes to the café, enjoy a yummy brunch that will satisfy that stimulated appetite, and walk the 20 minutes home to help digest it all. Not only will you have walked for 40 minutes, but you will also have exceeded your daily activity goal.

4. Sit less for work

If you work in front of a PC, look for ways you can reduce the amount of time you are sitting for long periods. Try a walking meeting or phone call. Mobile technology makes it possible to meet while on the move. Or maybe ditch the water bottle and get up to fill a glass more regularly. Changing your posture can help prevent those niggly aches and pains you may feel after being stuck in a chair for too long. Get Active Victoria has some 10-minute stretching sessions that are excellent for anyone who sits for a living, and you can squeeze them into a short break.

5. Walk around the shops instead of shopping online

Put the computer aside and check out the local retail scene. Online shopping is hugely convenient but walking around the shops can add a lot of activity, even when doing the grocery shopping…and the bonus is you get to choose the freshest fruit and veg!

Living an active lifestyle is about adding as much movement into your day as you can. Every little bit counts, and your body will benefit for it. So have a think about your day-to-day life and how you could swap in some extra activity – no matter how small.


Last updated: November 23, 2021 at: 5:37 pm