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Motivation to return to exercise

For any amount of reasons, we can all fall off the exercise band wagon.

Routines can be disrupted by the weather, health or even just by the busyness of life. And then pretty soon it requires a concerted effort to get back into activity.

Participating regularly in exercise provides benefits such as:

  • Mental health improvements
  • Strength of both muscles and bones
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Fall prevention.

As well as the opportunity to socially connect with others.

However, the motivation to get back into exercise can be the biggest challenge for us all.

Here are three simple strategies to help you get active again.

1. What brings you joy?

Perhaps when thinking of exercise, your immediate response might be NOTHING! It hurts! Take time to think about the things that you have done, (or would like to do) that you found fun. Any activity associated with joy or fun, will ultimately mean that we commit to it.

This might mean joining a dance class or even re-joining a sport you once played. Many sports clubs have modified programs for older adults. Whatever has made you laugh in the past, will bring you joy again. And with a little internet research or a browse on Get Active Victoria, you might just find a variation that suits your age and stage of life.

2. Can you do it with a mate?

Committing to something new, particularly exercise, is much easier when you have a friend. Research shows that if you embark on a new fitness regime with social connections, you are more likely to stick with it. Ask your friends what activity they enjoy doing, and can you try. Or perhaps you can take them along to the dance class you have found that caters to you?

3. Why are you walking?

Going for a daily walk is still an excellent way to remain active. The motivation to “go for a walk” may be difficult to find. But what if you used the time to be listening to a book, podcast or an audiobook? Or perhaps simply taking notice of all the things you see around you. The changing gardens and trees. The sounds of the birds. The colours. The feel of the breeze on your skin. All these minute details are giving us joy. Walking mindfully and taking your time to breathe in the fresh air, will change this activity from a chore to a joy. See point one.

So, what brings you joy?


Last updated: September 26, 2023 at: 11:12 pm