The easy way to step into everyday activity

Free workouts and tools to help everyday people move their bodies a little bit more.

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Mobile App Features

Choose your activity goal

We make it easy - choose how many minutes you want to be active each day.

Track activity on the go

A timer lets you track your minutes of activity.

Free activities

Yoga, dance, cardio + more. We’ve got low impact and options for beginners.

Create a team

Get active with an online team and work towards a shared goal.

Explore local places

Explore trails, parks, playgrounds, exercise stations and skateparks.

Free to install

Use our app for free with no ads!


Tracking activity can help you stay motivated

It’s easy with our Timer.

  • Record how much time you spend moving, not steps or distance
  • Capture activity throughout the day – more than ‘exercise’
  • Easy to use – turn on/turn off
  • Time is added to your dashboard

See your results at a glance

  • Monitor how you’re going against your goal
  • Based on daily averages, so if you miss a day you can make it up another day
  • Track how many days in a row you meet your goal
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Build your own weekly plan

Use our free workouts to create a weekly plan.

  • Different workouts for variety – Pilates, low impact, dance, stretching + more
  • 10 minute activities make starting easy
  • Choose the right level for you
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Learn with professional instructors at your own pace

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