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Early learning

An opportunity for educators and kids, and a lifelong lesson on the importance of getting active, every day.

An early learning team gives kids and their carers the opportunity to be part of something special.

It’s an awesome way of increasing the motivation to move more – you’re more likely to stay accountable to a goal when it’s shared.

Get Active Victoria has heaps of activities for early learning teams to try out, and things for people to do at home as well. It doesn’t matter how you get active, it all contributes to the team’s overall total.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an early learning team?

An educator can start a team for their class, or their entire centre:

  1. First, you need to join Get Active Victoria and select ‘Teacher’ or ‘Teacher & Parent’ under ‘My user type is?’; under ‘Your school’, add in your Centre’s name
  2. Finish joining up, then log in
  3. Head to TEAMS in the navigation bar
  4. Follow the steps: enter your team name, team type, and postcode then click ‘Create Team’
  5. This generates a unique Team ID, which is the number you’ll send out to anyone (and everyone) in your class or centre so that they can join your early learning team
How do kids join the early learning team?

To join kids to the early learning team, a parent creates a profile on their child’s (or children’s) behalf; or, the educator can also add children to their own profile with permission from a parent or guardian.

I’m a parent creating a profile for my child/children:

  1. Join Get Active Victoria with your own information. Under ‘My user type is?’ select ‘Parent’
  2. On the next screen, click ‘Register family & friends’, then create a profile for your child, or children – you can have up to 50
  3. After completing this process, log in to the Get Active Victoria platform. You’ll find your name in the top right corner – use the arrow to change who you’re LOGGED IN AS. Select your child
  4. Finally, logged in as your child, head to TEAMS in the navigation bar and enter your early learning Team ID to join them up

I’m an educator adding children to my own profile:

While we recommend children join with a parent, sometimes it’s necessary that a teacher include a child on their profile.

  1. Download and send parents/guardians the Get Active Victoria Consent Form
  2. Once you have consent, download the bulk upload spreadsheet
  3. Follow the examples in the spreadsheet to add in each student’s information – you can add up to 50 students
  4. Save the spreadsheet to your computer – it will save automatically in the correct file format (.csv)
  5. Send the file to
  6. Get Active Victoria will take care of the rest! We’ll register each student for you – they’ll be displayed as sub-users within your account
  7. Share each student’s username and password with them so they can log in at home

Last updated: December 8, 2020 at: 12:48 pm