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Four new account features to help you move more

How your online account just got better

We’ve introduced exciting new changes to your online account to help you move more, every day. Explore these new features that can help you get motivated, track your progress and make your account easier to use!

Choose your own activity goal

Now you can set a monthly goal for the number of minutes you want to be active each day.

Having a goal to work towards is a great way to boost your motivation and increase your chance of success. Plus, you’ll feel the personal satisfaction that comes with achieving that goal.

If you record your activity in the Tracker, you can see how you are going against your goal on the Dashboard. If you’re unsure what goal to set, we’ll compare your progress to 30 minutes a day, because that’s the minimum amount of daily activity that is recommended for adults to maintain good health.

Tip: keep your goal realistic—it’s good to aim for an increase in your daily activity, but make sure it’s something you can realistically achieve.

See your results at a glance

An all new dashboard makes it easier to monitor how you’re going against your goal.

Results are now displayed by month, and your data resets to zero at the start of each month. You can compare activity from previous months to see your progress over time.

The new Dashboard provides you more feedback than just your total activity time too. Here’s three new features:

  • your daily activity average—find out if you are meeting your daily goal (on average) for the month.
  • current streak—shows how many days in a row you’ve met your daily activity goal. See how many in a row you can get!
  • longest streak—find out the highest number of days in a row that you have met your goal.

Tip: keep up with the latest videos from the Dashboard too.

Find the activities you like faster

Have a favourite activity? You can now tag it to find it quickly or create a list of workouts or activities that keep you the most motivated.

Browse through our growing range of activities with new quick search categories or even select workouts by difficulty or effort. Choose from strength, cardio, flexibility, Pilates, dance and more.

The Around Home section has also changed, with separate pages for workouts, challenges and games.

Tip: design your own regular workout program using the new favourites feature.

Team results have a new home

Team data and results can now be found on our improved Teams page. Everything for teams is all in one spot, so you can manage your team and compare results more easily.

We’ve also introduced a new team dashboard:

  • Compare your daily average to your team’s average.
  • Team leaderboard—find out who has done the most activity —will it be you?
  • See the total activity for your team.

Tip: start a team competition at the beginning of each month when everyone’s data resets to zero.

These exciting new account features are available to enjoy now. Log in to check it all out. Or if you know someone who you think could benefit from Get Active Victoria, why not suggest they join too.

Last updated: December 16, 2020 at: 2:18 pm