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Hip hop at your own pace!

Learn step-by-step choreography with Sham in your living room.

Get moving

Six step guide for beginners

Exploring physical activity can be an empowering experience.

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Meet a friend at your local park

You don't have to walk alone, find a new place to explore.

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Move more around home

Low Impact
Get inspired with workouts, challenges and games

Create a team

Being part of a team can help you stay motivated. See each other’s activity, keep each other on track or enjoy some friendly competition.

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Track your Activity

Reach a goal with our free Activity Tracker. Make manual updates, or sync up a Fitbit.

Welcome to Get Active Victoria

A new initiative from the Victorian State Government to inspire all Victorians to move more, every day.

Premier’s Active April is now closed for 2020. But, Get Active Victoria is here with tools and ideas for getting active all year round.